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because everyone deserves to be a queen!


Item Name: 1230141-1 Crown  Cap
Item Number: 1230141-1 Crown  Cap
Price: $32.00


42"x 68"

Item Name: Crown Scarf 3
Item Number: Crown Scarf 3
Price: $20.00


Most Banners take 4 yards

Available in Crystal or AB stones

Item Name: Double Wide Rhinestone Banding - Perfect for pageant banners
Item Number: dwbanding
Price: $17.00 / yard

Item Name: Crown  Cap
Item Number: Crown  Cap
Price: $32.00


Item Name: Crown Socks
Item Number: Crown Socks
Price: $4.00


Item Name: Crown Luggage Tag 122012
Item Number: Crown Luggage Tag 122012
Price: $10.00


Item Name: 100% Pashmina Crystal Crown Scarf
Item Number: Crown Scarf
Price: $20.00


Item Name: Softer than Cashmere Scarf
Item Number: Crown Scarf 2
Price: $20.00




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, crown chic